Maquette for tapestry ‘Paradise garden’


A macquette for a tapestry is the original design, done on paper, in gouache/watercolour. It goes to the weaver who turns it into a black and white photograph or “cartoon” the full size of the tapestry. This cartoon is placed below the cotton warp thread of the loom and the weaver uses the cartoon to follow as the weaving progresses. The macquette is used for the colours. Whilst the tapestry is woven in an edition of 6, there is only one macquette. The maquette for the tapestry ‘Paradise garden’ is in the AGNSW Collection.

Exhibition history

John Coburn: ‘The Seasons’ tapestries:
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 25 Nov 1989–28 Jan 1990
Nolan Gallery, Australia 22 Aug 1990–21 Oct 1990
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart Feb 1991–Apr 1991
New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale Apr 1991–May 1991
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Bathurst Sep 1992–Oct 1992

Additional information

Dimensions 48.0 × 72.0 cm

Where Made



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