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The lyrical colours and playful shapes of Aubusson Green float over a field of clear bright green. Aubusson green is the colour of a special paint colour made in France and packed under that title. However, the name has a much deeper significance for Coburn in the relationship he has with the famous, centuries old, weaving studios of Aubusson. Although this is not a tapestry, it serves as a reminder that John Coburn is one of the great tapestry masters of the world, with over a hundred individual tapestries woven at Aubusson. For over twenty years now Coburn has been a regular visitor to the tiny medieval township of Aubusson, 350 kilometres south of Paris — the weaving centre of the world. Among other works, Coburn had his three greatest series of tapestries woven here: His famous Opera House Curtains of the Sun and Moon, his Seven Days of Creation tapestries ( for the Kennedy Centre in Washington) and more recently The Seasons Tapestries commissioned by the Christensen Fund. Tapestry is an important part of Coburn’s life as he finds it exciting to see his work transformed into that rich and warm medium.






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